Phase II (Design) Status

Pre-final plans have been completed. Prior to finalizing the plans, permit submittals will be made to the various agencies that have jurisdiction over the project (US Army Corps of Engineers, Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, and the Illinois Department of Transportation). The right-of-way needs have been defined and negotiations with property owners has begun. The County has programmed funding for the construction of the improvements in 2021.

Phase II (Design) Team

The Lake County Division of Transportation has hired Civiltech Engineering, Inc. as their Phase II Consultant. Darrell Kuntz is the Project Manager with the Lake County Division of Transportation.

Darrell Kuntz
Project Manager
Lake County Division of Transportation

Phase I (Planning) Study Results

The intersection of Gilmer Road and Midlothian Road is located in the Village of Hawthorn Woods and unincorporated Lake County. The Study was initiated to improve roadway and intersection safety and traffic operation; while minimizing environmental impacts. A conventional signalized intersection and a modern roundabout intersection were evaluated as part of the Study. The Study concluded that a conventional signalized intersection was the preferred improvement option. Along Gilmer Road, a multi-use path was also evaluated. The Study concluded that a multi-use path could extend to Shwerman Drive.

Gilmer Road is a county highway under the jurisdiction of the Lake County Division of Transportation, and Midlothian Road is under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Transportation. The study intersection was last improved in 1994 to include additional travel and turn lanes with the resurfacing of all four legs of the intersection. Since 1994, Lake County has increased in population, therefore, increasing the vehicles that travel through the intersection. There were 43 crashes reported at the intersection between 2009-2013. The most common types of crashes are turning crashes and rear-end crashes. Both of these crash types are indicative of an intersection operating over capacity. As part of the preliminary engineering study, the intersection improvements were recommended with the intent to improve safety and address accident occurrence.

Phase I (Planning) Study Team

The Lake County Division of Transportation initiated the Phase I study and hired HDR Engineering as their Consultant. The Project Manager was Darrell Kuntz with the Lake County Division of Transportation.