Today, December 8, 2022, the contractor will fully open Gilmer Road to the winter configuration. The work necessary to complete the intersection was completed ahead of schedule, and, in order to take advantage of the current dry weather, the contractor was able to move up the reconfiguration of Gilmer Road. The traffic pattern on Gilmer Road will allow 2 lanes in each direction at the intersection with left turn lanes and a right turn lane for southeast-bound Gilmer to westbound Midlothian. A shoulder will also be created along the outside edge of the roadway by painting the line several feet off the new curb. This configuration will be in effect throughout the winter and will remain this way until next spring when work will resume to complete the remaining items of work – asphalt surface, sidewalk installation, traffic signals, and the remaining landscaping.

The week of December 12, 2022, Midlothian Road will be restriped and opened in a similar configuration to Gilmer Road – 2 lanes each direction at the intersection, left turn lanes, and a right turn lane eastbound to southbound. This work is dependent on having dry pavement for the new striping to stick. The contractor is tentatively scheduled for Monday, December 12.

Please check the website for further updates on the staging of Midlothian Road.

Stay tuned to the website for future updates.

Please drive carefully through the construction zone, refrain from cell phone use, watch for equipment and workers, and have a safe holiday season!