Overall Project Construction Progress


Fall 2021 – Preliminary construction will begin.

  • Install storm sewer crossing on Sylvan Dr. South at Gilmer Rd.
    • Sylvan Dr. South will be closed at Gilmer Rd with detour route in place.
    • Local traffic can access Sylvan Dr South from Midlothian Rd.
    • Scheduled 11/1/21 thru 11/14/21.
  • Pave temporary asphalt along existing pavement on north/east side of Gilmer Rd and south/east side of Midlothian Rd.
  • Utility Companies will continue relocation of their facilities to accommodate the proposed improvements.

Winter 2021 – 2022

  • Install temporary traffic signal at intersection of Gilmer Rd & Midlothian Rd to replace the existing traffic signal during construction.

Spring 2022

  • Move traffic onto the temporary asphalt pavement and begin reconstruction of the roadway on the south/west side of Gilmer Rd and north/west side of Midlothian Rd.

Anticipated completion Spring 2023.

Check back for future scheduling updates!