Construction has started back up on Gilmer Rd & Midlothian Rd!

With the warm weather this week, the contractor is scheduled to place concrete for the remaining curb & gutter gaps and sidewalk.  They will also be adjusting frames in the new pavement to raise them up to the final surface grade. This work is in preparation for paving the final 2” lift of hot-mix asphalt surface later this month.

Landscaping is expected to continue next week with seeding and sod where the concrete sidewalk is being finished and other areas not completed prior to winter.

The new traffic signal posts and mast arms are scheduled to be stood up next week, along with other electrical work. Once the paving is done and the permanent pavement markings are in place, the new signals will be activated.  Activation is expected in May.

There will be daily lane closures with arrow boards so the construction crews can complete the remaining work.

Stay tuned to the website for future updates.

Please drive carefully through the construction zone, refrain from cell phone use, and watch for equipment and workers.